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Quantitative Analysis

  1. How to Move Your Social Media Analysis from the Platform to the Individual Level

    At the individual level, there should be both quantitative and qualitative analysis conducted which when combined will complete the full picture of each individual who is engaging with your brand. Once your brands audience is ranked, you will be...

  2. Multi-Touch Attribution Study Finds Organic Search Greatly Undervalued

    The report also notes there are numerous paths beyond those in the top 20; this simply “speaks to the need for the quantitative analysis from a multi-touch model to prioritize channels more effectively.

  3. Unemployment Still Painfully High, But One Sector Is Begging For Job Applicants!

    For example, it's a perfect match for anyone in direct marketing or quantitative analysis. I just got a media alert from Strategic Search Corporation via LinkedIn, which says, "New BLS Stats Illustrate Unemployment Is Still Painfully High, But One...

  4. Getting a Jump on the Business Intelligence Imperative

    Search engine marketing is speeding the revolution of all forms of marketing from a purely creative expertise to one that begins and ends with quantitative data analysis, leaving little room for creativity in the middle.

  5. Google: Can The Marcia Brady Of Search Stay Sweet?

    DNS as a Search Engine: A Quantitative Evaluation Ben Edelman, July 2002 But in the near term, link analysis will likely continue as the main way crawler-based results have been saved from...

  6. News Sites Beat Search Engines in Customer Satisfaction

    Jupiter Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings Jupiter Media Metrix's quantitative measurements for the major search services as of March 2002. ACSI Commentary by Professor Claes Fornell http://www...