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Purchases Search Cashback

  1. Microsoft Search CashBack: Stealing from Google?

    Starwood gives points for bookings = Microsoft gives cashback for purchases/bookings Last week, Microsoft announced it will be giving cash back to people who use Live Search ( at and subsequently click-through and make a purchase.

  2. Forget Competition, the Search Wars are Over

    Microsoft's CashBack Live is more creative execution than innovation, but it shows promise. Other ways of bribing Web visitors have only achieved marginal success, but in a sputtering economy, Americans just might warm to making money on purchases...

  3. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    Customers sign up for a Live Search cashback account at the time of their first purchase, accrue ad-funded rebates in their account each time they purchase a product in the Live Search cashback program, and receive their rebates in their cashback...

  4. Microsoft to Launch "Live Search Cashback"

    A Barnes & Noble executive stated that clickthrough rates and purchases had increased through the use of the Jellyfish pilot program. The major Microsoft Live Search announcement scheduled for tomorrow will be the official launch of a new product...