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  1. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    In the case of the targeted marketing service described above, those activities can be, e.g.transaction line items representing purchases of products at a retailer. These can include domain-specific search applications such as, e.g.document archive...

  2. Top 5 Trends for Search & Social Media Marketing in 2012

    Customer interactions and purchases, in specific marketplaces such as travel, shopping, and dining, will occur with increasing frequency on mobile devices. Travel related click-through-rates are already higher on mobile devices than on PCs and...

  3. Connecting Rings and Bricks to Clicks (Connecting Online to Offline)

    Companies need to create incentives or reasons for a consumer who purchases offline to return to the site. The consumer who purchases offline doesn't log into the site prior to their purchase, though they were on the website.

  4. SearchDay | The End of the Beginning

    Website sessions that resulted in purchases declined by 3%. This will help the coffee-obsessed such as myself find coffee stops along their travel routes. There was an online petition, Gadget code to create your own search box and a few other...

  5. Blog Content Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

    Blogs go beyond tech: Outside of technology-related purchases, for which 31% of readers say blogs are useful, other key categories include: media and entertainment (15%); games/toys and/or sporting goods (14%); travel (12%); automotive (11%); and...

  6. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    Microsoft's new strategy focuses on “Commercial Search” as the first of four tactics to achieve its goal as the premier search engine for consumers making purchases online and doing product research. Customers sign up for a Live Search cashback...

  7. Travel Search: Up Close and Personal

    Both SideStep and Kayak agree that travel suppliers are winners as well when advertising on travel search engines, and are enjoying high conversion rates (as high as 17 percent), controlling customer purchases and enhancing their own brand awareness.