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Public Utilities

  1. US energy firms welcome CFTC tweaks to Dodd-Frank rules

    Based on the discussion and based on the analysis that the staff provided, it's generally favourable from the point of view of commercial end-users, because it will make it easier for them to engage in forward contracting," says James Cater...

  2. Energy firms face capital adequacy squeeze

    This in turn means that commercial end-users, such as utilities, will have to source cash in the form of credit from financial institutions. Again, I don't think regulators would want to deny small utilities the option of hedging risk.

  3. Shake-up ahead for financial technology

    We see across our customer base - from large banks to large financial and physical trading houses to utilities to hedge funds - concern over needing to report on positions on an intraday basis. To do this cost effectively, it will be important to...

  4. Energy companies face up to clearing requirements

    Compare that to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, which was a huge financial market event that had very little impact on the power industry,” explains Peter Krembel, head of power, carbon and cross commodity trading for continental Europe at German...

  5. Deutsche presents Ucits III 130/30 fund

    No more than twelve stocks from each of nine sectors (consumer discretionary, consumer staples, health care, industrials, information technology, materials, telecommunication services, utilities, energy) across all regions will be included in the...

  6. Deals of the Month: GDF Suez

    Even though GDF Suez, with its high rating and status as a high-quality issuer from the desirable utilities sector, is regarded as a defensive option, bankers working on the deal say favourable conditions in the primary market cannot be taken for...

  7. The Japanese Search, Why Don't We?

    Consider NAVITIME Japan, which serves the world with path finding engines (among other utilities). As a New Yorker, the effervescent and ever-present odor of urine and fermenting garbage is distinctly absent from Tokyo public transportation.

  8. A changing carbon market climate

    They also create 100% auctioning for utilities, and bring more industry sectors and greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the scheme. Redshaw notes: "It is appropriate that all utilities buy their allowances where they can and pass on the cost to the consumer.

  9. Energy swaps

    Most recently, as a managing director in Marsh's London-based construction, power and utilities team, he has been involved widely in the power business across EMEA and globally. The CFTC has also set up an advisory committee providing a public...