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Public Transit

  1. 7 Reasons You Need to Update Your Google Maps App

    Public Transit Integration If you're not someone that uses public transportation frequently, it can be confusing. Google Maps recently released a major update to their app for Android and iOS. The latest Google Maps is meant to provide you with...

  2. Mobile Maps Usage Surges; Apps Trump Mobile Browsers

    Among those who accessed maps on their mobile devices: percent did so from a car or other vehicle percent doing so while walking, running or biking percent while using public transit ComScore report that for the three month period ending April...

  3. Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life

    You use Google Transit to navigate a different way to work. They're a public company headquartered in a democratic, capitalistic society. Your alarm goes off. On your Android phone. You turn it off, roll over and check your GMail before dragging...

  4. Google Maps Adds Comprehensive NYC Transit Directions

    This lead us to the fundamental goal of the Google Transit project: make public transit information as easy to find as any other geographic information. Google Maps has added comprehensive transit directions for the region, which includes data from:

  5. The Japanese Search, Why Don't We?

    The transit billboard NAVITIME is an awareness building campaign and features a very clear call to search. In short, one's attention can be drawn away from nausea allowing one to focus a bit more on transit media.

  6. Afraid to Link Out? Think Again

    Link to city information, such as crime stats, neighborhoods, schools, and public transit. People originally found sites by following links long before search engines based their (algorithms) on data mining those same links.

  7. Yahoo! Names Hastings, Nebraska Greenest City

    Its award-winning commute alternatives program offers incentives such as Wi-Fi enabled biodiesel shuttles and generous public transit subsidies. oneSearch: Learning more about living a greener life by conducting "eco-friendly" mobile searches...