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Public Offering Ceo Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Facebook's Instagram Purchase Faces Government Review

    It subsequently emerged that the deal had been largely brokered by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, without input from the company's management board. That investigation could last up to 12 months, meaning Facebook cannot close the deal in...

  2. Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg also posted about Jobs: He was very kind to reach out to me as I became CEO of Google and spend time offering his advice and knowledge even though he was not at all well. Steve Jobs, Apple cofounder and former CEO, has...

  3. News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

    Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Not Go Public Anytime Soon - TechCrunch Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently used Facebook Questions to weigh in on the ETA for a possible Facebook IPO. YouTube CEO Offers "YouTube Instant" Creator a Job via...

  4. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Coach: CEO Mark Zuckerberg is only 24 years old and has this Palo Alto company valuation at around $3.75 billion (down from $15 billion). Coach: YouTube was founded in 2005 by CEO Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, and is now owned by Google.