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  1. 12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

    Even if press release distribution companies do something to address their archives, like noindexing old pages (and this is a big if), you're still looking at the larger problem of pruning links on the many sites that have republished those press...

  2. The 'Hoarding' Template: A Perfect Model for Your AdWords Campaign

    Weekly maintenance programs, clean up mulching, pruning, leaf removal etc. Imagine the pitch for the TV series “Hoarding: Buried Alive”: “OK, I’ve got a surefire winner: A reality show about people with too much stuff who can’t get rid of it.

  3. Energy firms face capital adequacy squeeze

    Pruning back on hedging In addition to this, lawyers say that worries over company hedging methods will also lead to a natural pruning of the amount of products available. The reforms – which include moving over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives...

  4. SearchDay: What Are You Converting?

    Website Optimizer Enables Pruning and Offline Validation Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 20, 2008 Google has released a major update to Website Optimizer, which contains new features that will have users breathing a sigh of relief.