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  1. PPC Management Operations: The Ultimate Guide

    It's sometimes hard to trust the data coming from providers that claim they have it. This one can be challenging if you don't have good tools. These advertising options can fall by the wayside in favor of regular search network campaigns.

  2. 3 Keys to Activating an Audience with Smarter Content

    Essentially, you're looking to create one or more data-driven personae based on first-party data from customers, partners, employees, and market research providers. As a result of this uncertainty, it's vital to have tools in place to collect...

  3. Google Told to Fix 4 Areas in Search, Advertising to End Antitrust Inquiry

    The agreements result in de facto exclusivity requiring them to obtain all or most of their requirements of search advertisements from Google, thus shutting out competing providers of search advertising intermediation services.

  4. 5 Invaluable (And Free!) Tools Every Online Marketer Should Get to Know

    Key verticals range from Global Places to Healthcare Providers, Restaurants to Consumer Products. We live in a world with no shortage of tools. In fact, for every task an online marketer may face on a day-to-day basis, there’s an average of 3.4...