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  1. What's Cooking in Search Engine Labs

    Many of the major search engines showcase the projects they are working on in their respective research labs. Read on in today's SearchDay article, Behind the Scenes in the Search Engine Labs. Want a peek behind the scenes?

  2. Microsoft Announces Two New Research Labs: Live Labs and Search Labs

    Just weeks after announcing the formation of the Microsoft adLab, the company is announcing two new research labs, Microsoft Live Labs (MLL) and Search Labs. Microsoft Live Labs will focus on, "Internet-centric applied research programs including...

  3. Google Announces Plan to Open Pittsburgh Engineering Office; Yahoo Opens NYC Research Center

    Ron Brachman who comes to Yahoo from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and AT&T Labs. Both Google and Yahoo today have annoucements about new offices and research facilities. Work at Google Pittsburgh will focus on engineering...

  4. "Yahoo Next" For Tech Previews

    OK, we've had Google Labs launched in 2002, a place where Google rolls out beta projects to the public. Research Labs at the beginning of this year. Overture then unveiled Overture Labs in 2003, later rebranded as Yahoo