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  1. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    They often replace the Google Analytics UA account code that was running on the website when they got the project with a new account that they generate from the Google Analytics account they own. Truth is, many (far too many) businesses do not...

  2. A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't

    Before launching into a long-term polishing project, make sure your design is accurate, meaning that your site does the right things, first. Web analytics are like footprints in the sand. They tell you where someone went, but not who they were or...

  3. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    By refining your tactics and treating each country as its own language, culture, and search project, you'll find better success and you might even make some good friends while at it. This should be obvious – after all, not all English-speaking...

  4. Amazon's 4 Pillars of Success: A Preview of Jeffrey Eisenberg's Pubcon SFIMA Keynote

    The key is the understands that optimization is not a tactic or a project but it is a strategic competitive advantage woven into the management of their business and it's ultimate reponsibility lies with the CEO.