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  1. Replicating the Web: Will Google Dominate Mobile Search?

    On the other end, it provides self-serve, performance-based advertising. This is an extension of its existing AdSense for Mobile program, and is no surprise. So the plan is essentially to build a large contextual ad network and a base of search...

  2. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    Thus was born the concept of self-serve advertising, ads purchased without the assistance of a sales representative. As a result, the size of the "self serve" market for advertisers has mushroomed, giving them more click inventory in vertical slices.

  3. What's the Buzz Behind Behavioral Advertising?

    Over the next two years—and particularly if Google, Yahoo or Microsoft jumps in with a behavioral targeting feature within their current self-serve advertising platforms—we will see a large growth in the percentage of ad space and ad budgets being...

  4. Kayak Launches Self-Serve Ad Product; Priceline Releases Travel Search Tool

    As of this morning Kayak's new self-serve advertising service is up and running. Paid-search advertisers could use the company's new self-service tool to concentrate their spending on dates when they have empty rooms in certain hotel properties, or...