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Profit Beijing Olympics

  1. Baidu's Profit Increases 91% in Third Quarter 2008

    The search engine had been seeing explosive growth leading up to the Beijing Olympics, which occurred during the third quarter. Jennifer Li, Baidu's chief financial officer, said, "The impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on our business was in line...

  2. China's Posts 600% Jump in Profit

    The big boost in profits for both companies come as the 2008 Beijing Olympics approach. The growing momentum reflects the overall expansion of the China Internet market, increased shift in advertising budgets from offline to online, the robust pace...

  3. Baidu Profits Soar 87% in Second Quarter

    Boosted by advertising sales in advance of the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese search engine posted an 87% jump in profits in the second quarter of 2008. Net profit came in at $38.6 million, beating expectations of $35.5 million.