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  1. Deal With the Big Rocks First

    Then the professor poured water into the jar, filling it to the top, proclaiming, "Nope, now it is full. A professor walked into class and began putting large rocks in a jar. Wrong, again," said the professor.

  2. Google Censorship Ruling in Canada Has Worldwide Implications

    Law professor Michael Geist wrote: Search engine censorship seems to be a topic that is popping up left and right in countries around the world. This begs us to ask the question: Just how much censorship control should a government have over search...

  3. Maria Mitchell Google Doodle Honors First Female Astronomer

    In 1865, Mitchell was appointed the Vassar College faculty, making her the first female astronomy professor in the United States and the first person ever appointed to their faculty. American astronomer Maria Mitchell is celebrated in today's...

  4. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Google search manipulation starves some websites of traffic – PCWorldHarvard Business School associate professor Ben Edelman, who is a paid Microsoft consultant, puts out another anti-Google study, this time on flight search, and reports an "85...

  5. Penguin 2.0 Forewarning: The Google Perspective on Links

    Just like the professor's research paper, which lists other research papers referenced by the professor in creating their paper. The professor only lists (links) to the other papers most relevant to and most important to to their paper.

  6. Leverage Twitter's Influence To Work For Your Brand

    And it doesn’t take long to achieve this mental a 2001 MIT study by David Melcher, an associate professor at Trento University in Italy, it was found that after only 1 second of display, respondents described visual images with 60...

  7. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    Perhaps not a totally original idea as Professor Vannevar Bush had a similar thought back in 1945 when he argued in the Atlantic Monthly that “as humans turned from war, scientific efforts should shift from increasing physical abilities to making...

  8. Failure to Comply: Judge Orders Google to Reveal Paid Media Relationships

    While Google failed to comply with the order regarding the media and requested clarification instead, Oracle published its list of individuals and organizations that it had paid, naming blogger Florian Mueller and Stanford professor Paul Goldstein...

  9. Google Commissioned Report Aims to Protect Search Engine Free Speech Rights

    First Amendment Protection for Search Engine Search Results, released in mid-April, is the work of UCLA law professor Volokh. Search engine results are a form of opinion; companies like Google offer information they think is most relevant to users.

  10. Microsoft Snipes (Only) at Google Over Browser Settings Circumvention Controversy

    Oddly, though, Microsoft’s “discovery” comes two days after TAP blog published Internet Explorer privacy protections also being circumvented by Google, Facebook, and many more, by Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor.

  11. How Local Small Businesses are Evolving Their Online Marketing Strategies

    We are in a period of great transition,” said Ely Dahan, a professor of marketing at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. SEO experts are happy to tell small business owners how to improve their visibility on the web.