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  1. 9 Questions to Shape and Future-Proof Your Link Building Strategy

    Making a transition to an earned link strategy involves a change in mindset, budget allocation, sometimes organizational structure, and often the hiring of a good quality SEO agency or internal online marketer who can spearhead this transition.

  2. Search Industry Call to Arms: SOPA, Keyword Not Provided and Lying SEOs

    Mike Essex hopes to spur SEOs into action with recommendations for protesting eight issues outlined in his video What Every SEO Has to Fight For in 2012. They may not want it public what or who is handling their SEO efforts, or they may not want to...

  3. 9 Ways to Work with Your Client's PR Agency

    Perhaps they aren't too concerned and happy to let both SEO and PR agency have sign-off on such content production. Devise an introductory-level training course for the agency PR account executives and managers that will give enough of an overview...

  4. SearchDay | Click Fraud 101

    Is Every SEO, SEM, PPC Professional Employed? SEW EXPERTS: LOCAL the first has more than 134,200 inlinks (using yahoo explorer )and the website has a PR of 6 or 7. On the other hand, another website has about 200 inlinks and PR of 9.

  5. SearchDay | Create Something Newsworthy

    Is Every SEO, SEM, PPC Professional Employed? Create Something Newsworthy, Part 2 -- Testing SEW EXPERTS: PROMOTION the first has more than 134,200 inlinks (using yahoo explorer )and the website has a PR of 6 or 7.

  6. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    SEO Gone Wild.iMedia Connection Jan 11 2006 8:27PM GMT Goodbye, SEO Push. Hello, SEO Pull. Sullivan senses the tide turning in terms of public acceptance, predicting that ongoing education by experienced community members, and a rising bar for...

  7. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    SEO, which he calls "pray for positioning," should be understood as the search engine equivalent of PR. PR is a different creature from advertising, just as SEO and paid placement are different. Onward: SEM Industry Seth Pokes the SEO Hive, Gets...