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  1. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    Content was not only king during Apollo, it was also one of the earliest successful brand journalism campaigns in history, Scott said. A departure from his usual social media and digital flight pattern, Scott's "Marketing the Moon" tells the story...

  2. 12 Questions to Separate Social Media Experts From Pretenders

    While there are always exceptions to the rules, those who didn't major in English, journalism, marketing, or PR, or haven't worked extensively in those fields, may not be able to communicate and engage at the level needed to represent your company.

  3. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    Communication practitioners and researchers in broadcasting, journalism, library science, and other information dissemination professions are devoting mammoth efforts to designing bigger information retrieval systems capable of handling more...

  4. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    Writing for the web isn’t like traditional journalism; in fact, those who seemed to have the toughest time adapting came from print journalism. Professional Writers. The same book at a fair rate to a professional writer could sell 10 times more and...

  5. How to Get Links from Journalists

    While I'm not about to open a debate on the difference between journalists and bloggers, one key point to consider is that journalists will have attained their status through the study of journalism at a higher educational level, or have worked...

  6. Build a Better Cesspool

    Journalism on the Frontline What exactly is a professional journalist? Welcome to the cesspool of online publishing and search. This down and dirty scene reveals two armies mounting the ongoing battle to stake claim to online content.