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  1. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    I generally think organic or a combination," said Krista Neher, marketing strategist, author of "Social Media Field Guide", professional trainer, and founder of "Boot Camp Digital". This made perfect sense, as marketing naturally incorporates a...

  2. U.S. Search Awards 2014 Nominations Now Open

    Young Search Professional of the Year Search Awards will return during Pubcon this year to honor the top campaigns, software, teams, and individuals in search marketing. Nominations open today and close July 18 for this event which celebrates the...

  3. 4 UX Tips That Will Improve Your Content Strategy

    With a focused content strategy that a UX professional would be proud of you'll see better engagement from your users and help them become repeat customers. It's time that our content strategies focus on the user as much as our homepage design does.

  4. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    I have clients who are members of professional organizations. Blog optimization is no exception. For example, since blog software was first invented, I have heard many search engine optimization (SEO) professionals preach that all organizations...

  5. 4 Recent Changes to Search That Make SEO Easy as Finding Hidden Treasure

    Just about every professional remotely related to the digital space is claiming some level of SEO expertise. Like finding hidden treasure, search engine optimization (SEO) has never been as easy as some would have you believe.

  6. Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service [Survey]

    This is great feedback for small businesses that often shy away from producing video because they're worried they don't have the resources or expertise to make lengthy, professional-quality videos. SEW: How does Animoto make it easy for businesses...

  7. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    Staffed largely by professional journalists, the NASA Public Affairs Office operated more like a newsroom to rapidly disseminate information to the world press. Content marketing is all the rage today, but did you know the greatest marketing case...

  8. Crush Content Marketing in 2014: 5 Outside-the-Box Techniques That Get Results

    It takes some investment to create something like this (usually in the form of a professional designer) but the ROI is usually off the charts. If you aren't upping your content game in a big way this year, you're going to struggle.

  9. Why SEO Can't Reside in a Silo

    If you've invested in both a great SEO campaign and a professional website that is highly effective in converting visitors into customers, you're two-thirds of the way there. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredibly effective marketing...