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  1. Beneficial ownership of assets under scrutiny in divorce

    In order to acquire that picture, the court has extensive powers to order the disclosure and production of information. Disclosure orders lift corporate veil against third-party businesses The titanic struggle between Sir Christopher Hohn and his...

  2. UBS stays firm despite commodities downturn

    Most commodities are now trading at their production "cost curve of supply" and there are low levels of volatility in the market, leaving investors more comfortable looking at the long-term potential growth.

  3. Economic pressure threatens ethics – Nestle risk head

    Schaedeli gave an example of his own company sacrificing ethics for improved performance: when management ordered Nestle production plants to ramp up production, this led to corners being cut to increase output, resulting in a rise in on-site...

  4. Markit venture is first casualty of US swap flop

    The service was in production with relevant Sefs but the market did not evolve as quickly as we envisioned and without greater support from futures commission merchants (FCMs), it is not economical for us to maintain a platform that delivers more...

  5. The Challenge of Enterprise Link-Building in a Content Marketing World

    Understanding who is paying for the content production and who will be producing it or who has the capability to produce it is another critical step in executing a content marketing campaign with SEO overtones.