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  1. Using Web Analytics for PPC Optimization: Advanced Techniques

    Possible product or service additions. If you’re just looking at conversion data in the PPC engines, broad keywords like “beach vacation spots” probably generate lots of clicks and few conversions; and your brand terms generate tons of conversions...

  2. Lassoing Your Loss Leaders

    Depending on the product, most will look at several sites and find that many of them carry the same products. Many users will pay more money for a product if they have a higher level of confidence with a merchant.

  3. SEO Web Site Review: Water Filter Corner

    Perhaps Google Product Search or any number of other shopping feeds could help bring in a little money while you're trying to gain organic traction. For example, the URL is for their AquaKoozy bottle...

  4. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    Review Me – allows you to purchase a review of your product or service directly from a target blog. Region-specific search engines can also be considerably more popular and targeted when dealing with vertical search, such as shopping, local, maps...