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  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    Both marketers and UX professionals must focus on creating a positive customer experience in order for a website or product to be successful. Mastering these tools and ideas can help marketers understand their users’ feelings about a site or product.

  2. SEC gives green light to Eaton Vance’s active ETMFs

    Under the NAV-based trading model, the product will trade throughout the day at a small premium or discount around the NAV, as determined by trading costs. If you see news that comes out and you want to respond to, say, federal reserve activity or...

  3. Risk premium strategies favoured over beta commodity indexes

    However, the trend was short-lived, as commodities slumped throughout the summer, now showing negative returns for the year, with the S the country that usually drives commodity prices, according to Kevin Norrish, London-based head of commodity...

  4. SunGard taps videogames to boost risk technology

    The product, dubbed Adaptiv Analytics, can conduct highly complex calculations such as scenario-based risk, sensitivity analysis and credit valuation adjustment (CVA) at near-real-time speeds, and is said to be able to process up to 100 million...

  5. Your Job Is to Make Google Look Good

    Some ways that this could be done are discussed in this Microsoft research paper. Product descriptions This post will explore why this is true, and what it means for your SEO strategy. Why, Oh Why, Is This True?

  6. UBS offers bankruptcy remoteness and white-labelling twist

    UBS wins equity derivatives award with the support of research and pricing UBS is active across all major geographies and covers the full product set. The bank has picked up on themes that have quickly become successful, such as 3D printing...

  7. BAML increases inflation market share

    Some banks are trying to put a UK gilt into these deals, whereas we are trying to keep the product completely clean in terms of the risk," says Jung. The bank's research is very good and often goes above and beyond the level of service we expect.

  8. UBS stays firm despite commodities downturn

    This has created opportunities for selective allocation to the asset class, and the bank's structurers have been able to leverage its in-depth research capabilities to create those specialised products.

  9. Stoxx leads the way with value-focused smart-beta service

    You can look at academic research, what asset managers do or what Warren Buffet himself invests in, and you can say: ‘We won't be able to replicate his mind or his insight, but we can replicate some of the core principles of looking at solid...

  10. Morgan Stanley's delivers 'turn of the month' triumph

    Perhaps the most innovative product in its current suite is an ETF developed with Source that seeks to exploit the so-called turn-of-the-month phenomenon observed across equity markets. Academic research shows that a significant proportion of...

  11. UBS dominates listed products in Switzerland

    A Swiss private banker says "you can create a product in a day or two" using AMCs. For Swiss insurance companies, UBS put together a 10-year capital-protected product as part of a multi-premium life insurance policy.

  12. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    This means it’s up to brands and marketers to invest not just in hiring quality writers, but also training and educating writers in SEO best practices, content styles, and trends as well as being included in the brand’s research process and...

  13. Cutting edge intro: Righting wrong-way risk

    The trouble is, there is an abundance of models in the industry, and that makes it difficult to establish a standard," says Alexander Sokol, chief executive and head of quantitative research at software vendor CompatibL.

  14. People: TD Bank bags Scotia Capital structuring team

    He joins from FundQuest Advisor, where he was head of research. Citi has made two internal promotions within its multi-asset group - the division responsible for cross-asset structuring and product development - according to an internal memo.

  15. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    In this case, the market is identifying itself – you launch a new product or campaign and someone in that market finds your offer interesting and links to it. That might be a little far-fetched without further research, but at the very minimum...