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  1. How Local Small Businesses are Evolving Their Online Marketing Strategies

    He also recalls doing a local cable spot that didn’t run until midnight. Reputation is huge, and we are in the infancy of tapping into crowd wisdom as a way of learning about a product,” Dahan said. From mechanics to lawyers, small business owners...

  2. Google Zeitgeist 2010: The Year's Top Searches

    In The News (election, political parties, healthcare reform, economic issues, recalls) In addition to an Overview that shows the fastest rising queries in people, sports, music, and politics -- as well as breaks down the top queries on

  3. 80% Buy from a Store Whose Site They Previously Visited

    Learn about recalls They found that 80% of participants who had recently bought consumer electronics from a brick and mortar store whose site they visited first.bought from the site where they spent the most time.would choose the internet if they...

  4. Launches Product News Search's News Search provides information on new product offerings, safety warnings, product recalls, and a wide range of shopping-related content., the shopping vertical that offers a "focused" database containing product reviews...