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  1. BAML increases inflation market share

    Some banks are trying to put a UK gilt into these deals, whereas we are trying to keep the product completely clean in terms of the risk," says Jung. Their traders are accessible and open to discussion on trade ideas and positioning.

  2. The 4 Most Interesting Features in Google Shopping Campaigns

    Custom labeling will allow retailers to integrate more detailed product information into their feeds and ultimately their campaigns. If you wanted to heavily promote distressed inventory, high margin offerings, products where you have limited price...

  3. 4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

    What concerns arise over the lifetime of a product? But your content marketing team must understand your market, your business, your positioning, and your goals well enough to do this. More than any other type of marketing endeavor, the composition...

  4. How to Create an Effective PPC Competitive Intelligence Report in 3 Easy Steps

    How are they positioning their product – is it based on USP, price or special discount? Raise your hand if you’ve seen your costs slowly but steadily increasing over the years while also losing some market share to your competitors.

  5. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    For others, it's about taking you out of the SERPS, gathering important data, or just selling their product off your awesome site. Site security used to be the stuff of big companies and governments, but with so many WordPress users attacked almost...

  6. SEO Into 2014: The Irreversible Changes in Google's Products

    Product Manger of Maps, he explicitly – yet subtly – makes the distinction between what Search and Maps are to be used for: Organic search optimization remains the ultimate answer to secure online revenue, broadcast brand positioning and improve...