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  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    Sketching: Whether you use an online sketch tool or a pen and paper, you should become comfortable creating basic sketches so you can contribute comfortably during design brainstorming sessions. Content delivery, from a design and a copy...

  2. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    Balaji Thiruvengadasamy, director, equity derivatives at Barclays in Hong Kong, says: "During the initial years of the quantitative investment strategies (QIS) development, historical performance tended to influence the index design.

  3. UBS offers bankruptcy remoteness and white-labelling twist

    In Switzerland, the bank developed SF (Lux) Sicav 2 - Guaranteed Life Design 2024 for insurance companies struggling with lower yields and higher capital requirements for with-profits businesses under Solvency II's Swiss Solvency Test regime.

  4. Strategic solutions play into Credit Suisse's strengths

    The law in Italy prevented us from using the normal financing structure, so we had to design a new structure, while minimising the operational burden on the client," says Hedger. The difference with Credit Suisse is that they start with our needs...

  5. Commerzbank draws on bespoke and high volume issuance

    The bank's aversion to taking a lead in product design over the past year means it has avoided the flashier or more highly leveraged structures and has restricted leverage in its products compared to other providers.

  6. UBS dominates listed products in Switzerland

    The SF (Lux) SICAV 2 - Guaranteed Life Design 2024 is linked to a diversified multi-asset portfolio and overlaid with a proprietary risk indicator. A Swiss private banker says "you can create a product in a day or two" using AMCs.

  7. CVA hedge losses prompt focus on swaptions and guarantees

    As the standard guarantee structure by design is not collateralised, it was similar to loan-based guarantee products that insurers and banks have been comfortable with for some time. In the September issue of Risk, Dirk Schubert, a partner at KPMG...

  8. Google Panda and the High Risk of Using Aggressive or Deceptive Advertising

    You have the marketing team, content team, dev team, design team, etc. They match the content so well in design, color, etc.that it’s hard to tell they are ads. Being transported to some random third-party site is not exactly what I had in mind...

  9. Shanghai RMB crude contract faces margin and legal hurdles

    According to a source close to the product design team, currently most of the contract's specifications and trading rules have been confirmed and all that is required is approval from the CSRC and the State Council – essentially the Chinese...

  10. Deal With the Big Rocks First demonstrates a good problem-oriented design approach. An easy way to determine if your site has a problem-oriented or a solution-oriented design is to simply look at your navigation.

  11. Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)

    Even if this role falls mostly inside your design department, as a content person it's our job to: But as that respect for flashier content grows, the respect for the rest of the words on their site -- their home pages, their product pages, their...

  12. How FREE Website Call Conversion Tracking From Google Will Benefit You

    As you can see above, Wine Racks America’s top three keywords with more than a 97 KEI are "wine rack store," "wine rack design," and "wine cellar ideas. Before call analytics the only method of identifying profitable keywords was to dig into your...

  13. Mastering the PPC Challenge: A Beginner’s Guide [#CZLSF]

    Site design should be responsive, or mobile-ready She also gave some pointers on different ways remarketing can be used, including cross-product remarketing and even dynamic remarketing. To create these, you’ll need to have your AdWords account...