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  1. Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy

    Or trying to come with a different spin on how to present your product. Refreshing ad copy is one of those optimization tasks that I have a very bad habit of putting off. For me, writing ad copy requires a certain Zen -- a deep concentration and...

  2. Amazon and Google: Friends, Enemies or Frenemies?

    As such, retailers are big spenders on paid search advertising, because it's the most effective medium to engage and influence these shoppers while they are actively searching for product information and making purchase decisions.

  3. Four Reasons Google+ Might Still Be Alive After All

    Has sentiment for the platform sunk to the point where it can never reach its full potential, or can acquisitions and product integrations breathe new life into the platform? New Product Integrations One of the things users have hated most about...

  4. 4 Things Search Marketers Can Do to Ensure a Happy Holiday

    Promote with product ads. Ratings can provide more consumer validity, help your product stand out and improve overall traffic and click-throughs. And don't forget about Bing Product Ads. Ensure your product descriptions and terminology relate to...

  5. Better, Faster, Cheaper…Pick 2

    Lean UX’s Minimum Viable Product helps control costs while still delivering on a better-faster model. I also can’t count how many times those same clients came back to me, later, to fix the mess the cheaper option produced.

  6. Google’s AdSense for Shopping Takes PLAs to Retail Sites

    Google announced it has launched AdSense for Shopping, a product it says will help retailers like monetize site traffic. That's because AdSense for Shopping allows retailers to place Product Listing Ads, like those they see running on...

  7. SEO and PPC Need to Stop Being Enemies

    In fact, PWC found in their annual multi-channel shopping survey that 88 percent of U.S.respondents first research online before buying a product. I’m willing to put down my battle ax if you’re willing to cease fire.

  8. Bad Link-Building You Should Be Doing

    There are two ways that this can be done, providing information or product to bloggers to review or to offer to write for other blogs on related subjects. For those who read SEW regularly, you’ll know that for the past few months my articles have...

  9. YP Taps Goodzer for Enhanced Local Data

    Goodzer says it uses automated technology to deliver hyper-local product and service data, including descriptions, availability, and pricing. Local search destination YP has partnered with local data provider Goodzer to add enhanced data to more...