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  1. 4 Tools and Tips That Will Help You Be a More Analytical Marketer

    One of the most valuable, low-hanging fruit data collection strategies you can implement with marketing automation is creating lists and campaigns based on user behavior. Adapt your content delivery to use more video, detailed lists, etc.based on...

  2. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Keyword lists, geo-location targeting, time of day, etc. Achieving cross-device measurement is needed to understand and respond to the exploding adoption of internet-connected devices and the multi-device user decision process.

  3. Google AdWords Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool: SEO & PPC Feature Comparison

    Keyword lists can be uploaded as CSV files to research the search volume. Multiply Keyword Lists Type 3: Multiply Keyword Lists It is possible to combine two or three keyword lists but the combination is strictly one-directional (A and B = AB, not...

  4. Linkable Asset Strategy: How to Pick & Prioritize Assets

    Ego bait pieces (group interviews, "best of" lists, etc) Then maybe you want to develop a broader topic that will be relevant and appeal to a wider swath of bloggers and resource lists. And it's during this process that I aim to scale my keyword...