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Prize Foundation

  1. Anatomy of a Successful PPC Ad

    For example, saying someone is a “Pulitzer Prize-winning author…” or “Nobel Prize-winning scientist” is a great way to gain instant credibility. Your ad copy will lay the foundation for a marketing strategy that helps you better connect with your...

  2. Running Online Video Ads Alongside TV Doubles Brand Recall [Study]

    According to Nobel prize-winning neurobiologist Gerald Edelman, the human brain operates by pattern recognition. Instead of making YouTube an afterthought, use it as the foundation as you develop and refine your messaging.

  3. Lotus Alumni Are Impacting Search

    Lotus also created a philanthropy program and provided funding for Eyes on the Prize, the award-winning television series on America's Civil Rights Movement. In 1990, with fellow digital rights activists John Perry Barlow and John Gilmore, Mitch co...