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Private Property

  1. New MPAA Report Blames Google, Search Engines for Piracy

    The question search engines need to answer is this: do they want to be the digital highways for legitimate information, entertainment and education, or do they want to be the getaway car for stolen content and mass exploitation of private property?

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    The Protect Intellectual Property Act, or Protect IP/PIPA, is a similar bill that some believe is being played off against SOPA as an alternative, when in reality, many of the provisions have the same effects.

  3. Judge Orders ALL Search Engines, Social Networks to De-index Seized Websites

    Some feel this judge was extending well beyond his jurisdiction for a District Court ruling by handing control of hundreds of sites (owned by webmasters across the globe) and a chunk of the Google index (property of a California-based business...

  4. Being Bad For Great Justice: A New Privacy Scandal Rocks Second Life

    Linden Lab is supposed to be ultimately managing mainland property. The reason this problem is more common on mainland than on private estates, is because mainland sim owners have less control over security on their land than private estate owners.

  5. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    I wrote my own contracts for years with private clients and had already learned a few lessons the hard way: specify deliverables and payment milestones, always get each party’s physical address and real contact info, use escrow when possible, set...

  6. Malta continues to grow market share in Ucits hedge funds

    Hedge funds, private equity funds and property funds are normally structured as PIFs. Malta is considered the newcomer to Ucits hedge funds, although the country’s service providers were well acquainted with the products before EU membership in 2004.

  7. Google's New Approach to China: A Closer Look at the Attack Heard 'Round the Web

    Google made a considerable revelation last week, announcing that it was hit with a targeted and sophisticated cyber attack originating from China that resulted in stolen intellectual property. To add to that, this developing security industry story...

  8. Profession struggles with varying models

    Other asset classes, including bonds, private equity and property, have also experienced significant liquidity issues and reputational damage. One challenge facing the industry is global distribution.Lack of cohesionAt present there are many access...

  9. Tax concerns remain top of the agenda

    It is important that each fund’s activities are carefully reviewed by competent and experienced tax professionals to ensure a particular fund is structured and business is conducted in the most tax-efficient manner possible,” he concludes.Anthony...