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Privacy Search Issues Concerns

  1. Search Engine Users Dislike Personalized Search But Like the Results

    Without downplaying any of the privacy concerns, which are very real and warrant a closer look at search engine privacy practices, how much stock can we put into user sentiment that personalization is bad when our actions say it is just oh so good?

  2. Google Won't Pause New Privacy Policy - Should They Have To?

    One of the issues addressed in their response was whether users can opt out of the new privacy policy. Privacy controls include turning off search history, switching Gmail chat to “off the record,” using Incognito mode in Chrome, etc.

  3. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    In their closing, the White House was clear that they plan to continue moving forward with anti-piracy legislation, saying, “Moving forward, we will continue to work with Congress on a bipartisan basis on legislation that provides new tools needed...

  4. Facebook F8 Wrapup: Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank for Users & Marketers

    There are obvious privacy concerns here and Facebook is no stranger to public floggings over privacy issues. They have recently introduced in-line privacy settings to help users control how content is shared.

  5. Baidu Executives Fly to U.S. For Meeting With Facebook

    And with recent tensions between Google and Facebook, would Facebook be willing to share any privacy breaches from Chinese hackers like Google did? Last week, executives from the Chinese search engine Baidu flew to the United States to meet with...