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Privacy Issues Ceo Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Baidu Executives Fly to U.S. For Meeting With Facebook

    Last December, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled to China, including a stop at Baidu's offices. And with recent tensions between Google and Facebook, would Facebook be willing to share any privacy breaches from Chinese hackers like Google did?

  2. Facebook Unveils Simplified Privacy Settings, Pursues Expansion With Sharegrove Buy

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the world on Monday that Facebook's "drastically simplified" privacy settings would roll out in the weeks to come and here they are. Another major change that seems to have gone unnoticed in most reports is Zuckerberg's...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Coach: CEO Mark Zuckerberg is only 24 years old and has this Palo Alto company valuation at around $3.75 billion (down from $15 billion). Key Losses: The poorly handled releases of some new product offerings like Beacon haven't helped assuage...