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  1. Google's Universal Privacy Policy Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

    A lawsuit against Google over their universal privacy policy has been dismissed by a California judge. Attorneys General and privacy groups including EPIC tried and failed to stop the implementation of Google's new privacy policy early in 2012...

  2. Is Google's Unified Privacy Policy Illegal in Europe?

    Google has repeatedly put profit ahead of user privacy and the way that the company ignored concerns from regulators around the world when it changed its privacy policy showed just how little regard it has for the law,” he said.

  3. Cookie Crunch: Complying with the EU ePrivacy Directive in the UK

    The ICO guidance states that if your visitors "understand that their actions will result in cookies being set" and you aren't relying "on the fact that users might have read a privacy policy that is perhaps hard to find or difficult to understand...

  4. Congressman, EPIC Push for Larger Google Street View Investigation

    Markey has spoken out against Google before, most recently opposing Google's new privacy policy. Schmidt's Solution to Street View Privacy Concerns? Congressman and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) are calling for further...

  5. Last Ditch Efforts to Halt New Google Privacy Policy

    Even as users remain ignorantly blissful, last-ditch efforts continue to prevent Google’s new privacy policy from being implemented this Thursday, March 1. We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all...

  6. Google Won't Pause New Privacy Policy - Should They Have To?

    Questions over Google’s new privacy policy continue despite their best efforts to quell fears. Should Google Bow to EU Pressure to Pause the New Privacy Policy Launch? The problem we seem to see over and over with privacy and other Internet-related...

  7. FTC Finalizes Settlement of Google Buzz Privacy Issues

    Concerns with Buzz's privacy policy were brought up shortly after this Google mini-blogging service was released in 2010. The FTC has approved its settlement with Google that addresses improper privacy disclosure during the release of Buzz.

  8. As Twitter Hits New Milestone, CEO Talks Google, Search, Apple, IPO, Privacy

    As Google+ controversy rages over their real names policy and Facebook users raise concerns about an Open Graph society, Twitter respects user privacy not only in words, but in deed. Privacy Actually Matters to Twitter