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  1. Google's Matt Cutts Issues New Warning on Advertorials & Paid Content

    It shouldn’t be the case where people have to dig around buried in small print or have to click and look around a long time to find out, ‘Oh, this content that I am reading was actually paid. Google News will remove paid content, but can also...

  2. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    Since we can’t guarantee the unknown buyer from another site will only use the article in print or link back to the farm, anything published there – which was to draw income “for life” – is essentially useless anywhere but there.

  3. How to Get Links from Journalists

    When it comes to more traditional media, many are led by the print version. Content-led sites need an extremely good reason to link to you and with journalists working in high-pressure environments (often) with a print deadline as well as an online...