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Primetime Television

  1. Pick and choose from social media tools: BIS’s Laurmaa

    A wider audienceThe crisis has broadened the audience of official institutions to a degree, Laurmaa noted, pointing out, for example, that data published by the BIS on country exposures to Greece had received coverage on primetime television news...

  2. SearchDay | Keywords and Site Architecture

    Viewers spent an average of 9.3 percent of primetime viewing minutes . IMMI) has released data showing the level of multitasking taking place when people watch television - specifically how much they are watching TV and surfing the 'net at the same...

  3. 20% of Primetime Television Now Watched Online

    IMMI) is releasing demographic and behavioral data to show the details of the trend.of primetime television programming is now viewed online. Those earning $40,000 a year or less are 75% more likely to watch a primetime show live.