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Primary Intention

  1. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    He has no intention of actually doing the right thing here -- his goal is to keep his cash cow alive for as long as he can. Cutting a long story short, the primary reason the forums are being switched to this system is because it incorporates...

  2. Virtuatecture in Second Life: What Makes a House a House?

    One primary reason I got involved in Second Life was to be able to create virtual design projects. Although my original intention in SL was to become involved with that community, my natural tendency towards introversion interfered early on, and I...

  3. Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Offer; Yahoo Responds

    In a letter to Jerry Yang (full text below), Steve Ballmer cited Yahoo's intention to outsource search as the primary reason he decided to scotch the deal. Microhoo bid raised aloft; Google-Yahoo Kool-Aid quaffed.

  4. AltaVista, Overture Speak Up About Perfect Page Test

    Overture was not intended to be part of the comparison group, because unlike the others, its primary listings are paid. In our test, we wanted to see how the primary, unpaid "editorial" results presented by the various major search engines compared.