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  1. Pre-PPC Strategies For Launching a New Product

    PPC has long been the cheapest, quickest, easiest way to test-market products and services, offers and pricing, positioning and copywriting. But in order to use PPC to ask and answer questions about what the market thinks of your offers, you have...

  2. Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study]

    Saw better pricing (31 percent) Searches with local intent are more likely to lead to store visits and sales within a day. New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34...

  3. The Smart Way to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Strategy

    Note: The title should never contain any offer-related information such as pricing or promotions. The giant in online retail, Amazon is a great source for generating profits, whether as a supplement to other channels or as your main sales channel.

  4. How to Create an Effective PPC Competitive Intelligence Report in 3 Easy Steps

    Tailor your offer or pricing to be more competitive. Raise your hand if you’ve seen your costs slowly but steadily increasing over the years while also losing some market share to your competitors. Let’s face it, not only is PPC getting more...