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  1. Don't Get Scroogled: Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Holiday Shopping Campaign

    In response to comments about Bing's partnership with, Search Engine Watch reached out Bing, regarding paid results. While Google Shopping is still a comparison engine, these PLAs require merchants to bid to be included.

  2. New Google Universal SERPs Layout Brings Apps to Forefront

    And that kind of thing points at an opportunity for search engine optimization. App Search Engine Optimization App Store Prices: Why Android Users Pay Double [Study] I can click web, images or maps in the black bar, but now have the identical...

  3. Google & Ecommerce: 10 Things Business Owners Need to Know Before July

    Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine. Google Product Search's transition to paid Google Shopping starts in July. Google Product Search is evolving from a combination of AdWords, PLAs and free organic listings to Google Shopping.

  4. Google Commerce Search 3.0 Brings Big Brains to Smaller Shops

    Yes, social shopping is on the rise and most of us will be familiar with Amazon's recommendation engine, but a few of the trends identified in last years thanksgiving season (the one that saw record sales) were have been capitalized upon in this...

  5. Texas AG Wants Google's Formula for AdWords Rates, Ranking Sites

    Documents sufficient to show the share of internet searches conducted on Google and on competing search engine web sites. Identify persons with principal responsibility for advertising or marketing relationships with vertical search engine...