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  1. Google AdWords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA): The Ultimate Guide

    Finally, choose "target and bid" if you only want to use the remarketing list, or "bids only" if you want to use both keyword search and/or remarketing list to reach your prospective customers. Search keywords bid on.

  2. Don't Get Scroogled: Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Holiday Shopping Campaign

    While Google Shopping is still a comparison engine, these PLAs require merchants to bid to be included. In a message geared toward holiday shoppers, Bing is claiming shenanigans on Google for it's new paid ad Google Shopping results, and has...

  3. 3 Ninja PPC Techniques to Help Retailers Get Ready for Cyber Monday

    Google is one of the first to use “quality score” to determine bid prices and ad ranks. What you, ninja marketer, will do, is bid on each product individually. But here’s the kicker: most merchants upload their entire catalog, and bid the same for...

  4. Google & Ecommerce: 10 Things Business Owners Need to Know Before July

    Sellers can bid on product type, brand, prices, SKUs, and a seemingly limitless list of product attributes and groups through the AdWords login. Just like the paid CSE Pricegrabber, Google Shopping will have the utility for sellers to bid $.01 on...