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  1. Marin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management

    With millions of products available for sale and constantly-changing inventory and promotions," Marin's announcement said, "retail advertisers must compete for the attention of consumers through ads that offer compelling visuals, prices...

  2. SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II

    These, however, are usually charged as an extra benefit and since they are usually based on the skill and experience of the auditor, there are no standard prices. Website SEO Audits - What Are They? The term website SEO audit is a very general one...

  3. Why Brands Should Provide Content Based on Users, Not Just Their Mobile Device

    If that competitor just so happens to also have better prices, the disruption in user-experience may ultimately result in a lost sale. Yet, is this really necessary? Does smartphone and tablet user behavior differ so much that unique content...

  4. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    Since Android's introduction, greater competition in smartphones has given consumers more choices at lower prices. Google is facing an antitrust lawsuit over its alleged monopoly of the mobile search market.