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  1. Did Yahoo President Sue Decker See New CEO As Snub?

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock stated "“The Board thanks Sue for her service as President, the important contributions she has made to Yahoo! The news of the new CEO and Decker leaving did little to impact the Yahoo stock price today.

  2. Yahoo Responds To Icahn

    Yahoo's Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock fired back a reply, on behalf of the beleaguered board members Carl Icahn has been trying to replace, stating Icahn had a "significant misunderstanding of the facts about the Microsoft proposal and the...

  3. Yahoo Confirms Icahn Proxy Fight

    Roy Bostock Bostock: I have therefore taken the following actions: (1) during the last 10 days, I have purchased approximately 59 million shares and share-equivalents of Yahoo; (2) I have formed a 10-person slate which will stand for election...

  4. Yahoo to Microsoft: We Already Dumped You

    Roy Bostock, Chairman of the Board Furthermore, as a result of the decrease in your own stock price, the value of your proposal today is significantly lower than it was when you made your initial proposal.