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Price Comparison Websites

  1. Wajam Social Search Now Includes Product Recommendations

    Instead of relying on third party reviews from users you don’t know, now you’ll be able to instantly get reviews from your friends on shopping websites like Amazon and eBay, and on top of that Wajam’s integration with gives you the...

  2. Link Building on Partial Keyword Combinations

    For websites like job boards, business listings, tour operators and price comparison sites this is their main dilemma in search engine optimization (SEO). Websites in different industries can aid your ranking just by covering the same cities.

  3. Google Faces EU Antitrust Investigation Over Alleged Organic, Paid Search Result Bias

    Exclusivity: Google is accused of trying to shut out competing search tools by telling advertising partners that they can't place certain types of competing ads on their websites. Antitrust complaints were originally filed by three companies -- U.K...