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Price Comparison Service

  1. A 7-Step Landing Page Template to Convert Prospects into Leads

    From here, you can begin to advocate for your product or service. In those testimonials, you're going to want to address the specific objections that people may have, by having your testimonials start with those objections, and then be convinced by...

  2. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    In the case of the targeted marketing service described above, those activities can be, e.g.transaction line items representing purchases of products at a retailer. These can include domain-specific search applications such as, e.g.document archive...

  3. Google Rolls Out Car Insurance Comparison Shopping in UK

    Google is rolling out their car insurance comparison service across the UK. John Paleomylites, former Managing Director at, now works for Google and is listed as the contact person for Google’s car insurance comparison service in...

  4. Buy Cycle Link Building: A Content Marketing Guide for Link Strategists

    Obviously any off site content will ideally have your brand name in it -- stuff like product/service reviews and subject-matter expert interviews so that your brand SERPs look great and demonstrate a high level of involvement with your niche media.