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  1. 3 Steps to Create Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys to Kick-Start Your Content Strategy

    Values they found important in the product or service (price, functionality) Creating killer content won't do you any good if it's not something your users actually need. Instead of jumping right into brainstorming content types, start by creating...

  2. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    Maybe customers want a price that’s locked in at a certain rate for a specific period of time. What began as a passion project among small pockets of data-driven marketers has become the central focus of many marketing teams due to the ability of...

  3. Google AdWords Search Funnels Attribution Modeling: Think Hard Before You Act

    But if the final search was a price comparison, then if I'd missed that then I might have missed out on their booking. If you know you're the cheapest in the market, then you really want to be present for any searches that are obviously price...

  4. We Love Google, We Love Google Not: 6 SEO-Inspired Valentine's Day Quotes

    But that's the price of getting back into Google's good graces. It's Valentine's week. Love the Hallmark Holiday or hate it, at the very least it's one of the top five times of year to stock up on chocolate candy.