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  1. Rachel Louise Carson Google Doodle Honors Marine Biologist, 'Silent Spring' Author

    In 1980 Carson was posthumously awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-president Jimmy Carter. Today's Google Doodle honors marine biologist Rachel Louise Carson, who was born on this date 107 years ago.

  2.'s Top Question of 2013: What is the Royal Baby’s Name?

    Last year was dominated by the Presidential race. You may know him better as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. The son of Britain's Prince William and Kate was born on July 22 and speculation about the baby's name ran wild – for a...

  3. 10 Vital Steps to Building Social Influence

    Many believed it was President Obama’s popularity that enabled him to win two presidential elections. Post-election analysis reveals that it was influence, transferred through the hands of individual voters, that helped the candidate win two...

  4. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    In the wake of last month’s presidential election, we’ve heard plenty of explanatory theories and analysis dissecting every aspect of the contest, from the varying accuracy of the pre-election polls to shifting demographics and the candidates...

  5.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together?

    Top Political Searches d expect, the multi-billion dollar presidential campaign that essentially changed nothing was quite a popular search topic. Presidential race. Who will win the Presidential race?

  6. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    Could 12,100 search requests in one month be inspired exclusively by George Romney, or was it due to the presidential campaign of his son? A considerable percentage of presidential campaigns consist of Internet search marketing strategies, as much...

  7. Marissa Mayer Brings Hope to Yahoo

    One Yahoo was inspired to create a “Hope” poster reminiscent of the iconic Shepard Fairey posters created during the 2008 presidential campaign for candidate Barack Obama. Marissa Mayer’s arrival as Yahoo’s new CEO has Yahoos hopeful.