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President Roosevelt

  1. Take Attribution for a Test Drive Using a Secondary Profile

    In 1933, President Roosevelt was talking about citizens and businesses fear of investing in a very shaky U.S.economy. Attribution has been a popular buzzword in the industry for years now. It’s a topic at nearly every digital marketing conference...

  2. Mary Blair Google Doodle Honors Artist's 100th Birthday

    In the early 40s, Blair and her husband Lee were part of President Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor policy artist’s research group, traveling to South America for research and to promote reciprocal exchanges between the U.S.and Latin countries.

  3. Print Journalists Optimistic...Or Not

    Roosevelt, no one suspected that affluent Americans might tend to be disproportionately Republican. Only after Roosevelt carried 46 states, while Landon only carried Maine and Vermont, did it occur to anyone that the magazine's sample might have...