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Presentation University Washington

  1. Google Driverless Cars ‘Shockingly’ Safe & Efficient [Infographic]

    Stanford University robotics professor and Google Driverless Cars program leader Sebastian Thrun gave a presentation at TED 2011 last March in Long Beach. Google’s driverless cars are “shockingly” safe, says a Bellevue, Washington insurance company...

  2. Q&A With's Gary Price

    I worked for five years at George Washington University here in D.C.then for five years on my own as a consultant doing a bunch of different things and then in building ResourceShelf. Those sites started shortly before I left my job at George...

  3. Google CEO Shares Thoughts About Information Industry

    In late May I mentioned that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, would be giving a lecture at the University of Washington in Seattle. Today, I came across an archived copy of Schmidt's presentation that's viewable on the web.