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Preliminary Injunction

  1. Google Book Search Wins Victory In German Challenge

    WBG, a German publisher, today decided to drop its petition for preliminary injunction against the Google Books Library Project. I wrote earlier this month of a French lawsuit becoming the third one I knew about filed against Google over its...

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 13, 2006: Google Still A Tech Company, Says Schmdit; Google Earth Gets New Features; GBuy To Take On eBay's PayPay?; eBay Takes On AdSense; Yahoo Answerers In Times Square

    The judge in the case has denied a preliminary injunction request to block downloads of Google Earth. But meanwhile, Google escapes having an injunction against the software. Today's search podcast covers Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying that...

  3. The Week in Review

    BulkRegister Gets Injunction Against VeriSign,,8_1122101,00.html A judge grants a preliminary injunction against the domain name giant, halting what many considered to be a domain-slamming, email...

  4. Auction Search Case Awaits Ruling

    The judge in the case has said that he's inclined to grant a preliminary injunction against Bidder's Edge, but how exactly he might restrict the service remains to be seen -- as is whether he actually will grant an injunction at all.