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Predict Mccain Obama

  1. Obama is Winning the Internet War

    For example, Michelle Obama has 127,000 fans, while Cindy McCain has 758 fans. Barack Obama's site receives 5.5 million unique visitors, while John McCain's site receives 3.1 million, according to Compete data.

  2. Can Google Predict the Next President?

    The graph below compares trends in April for the terms Clinton, McCain, and Obama. Obama or McCain? Obama or McCain? Looking at the here and now (last 30 days), Obama searches are still 3:1 over McCain.

  3. SEW Experts: Can Google Predict the Next President?

    Erik Qualman shows how the same can be done in the political world, as McCain and Obama are trying to build up their respective "brands" in the eyes of voters. In today's Building Brand Equity column, "Can Google Predict the Next President?