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  1. Securing exits and vital targets key to cyber defence

    Knowledge of the system also allows a risk manager to predict what paths hackers may take to gain access to critical data, and enact safeguards for that data, Ghose noted. Companies must prepare for inevitable intrusion, says RBS infosec head

  2. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    If only you could spot those weak links early enough, you could predict the emerging opportunity and exploit it. In his excellent little book Linked, published in 2002, Albert Barabasi reports on an experiment conducted by Mark Granovetter that...

  3. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    No one can predict what is going to go viral before it goes viral - just make sure you learn from it and improve. Is there such a thing? That’s a question most SEOs, marketers, and business owners have been trying to answer since Google Penguin...

  4. Yelp Trends Reveals What's Hot or Not Locally, But Beware of Unreliable Data

    With Yelp's Academic Dataset, it hopes that students will be able to predict how many stars a business will receive, or how often a local business gets foot traffic. It is dropping a new tool to explore all of those ideas and fads it calls "Trends.