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Precision Recall

  1. Google Analytics' Cross-Channel Measurement

    This is a valuable technique, but it clearly lacks in precision. However, even if they respond, their answer may not be accurate or complete if they can't recall where they heard of you, or if they heard of you through multiple channels.

  2. Show Me the Content: Web Search, Verticals, and Metasearch

    Smaller but focused databases, can potentially offer more precise results (higher precision, lower recall). So, in a sense it's not only putting it to Google but to Yahoo, Ask and other general purpose web engines.

  3. On Library Card Catalogs, OPACs, The Perfect Search & Teaching Searchers

    True in theory but as databases grow larger and larger, this will become more and more (increased recall lowers precision) of a challenge given the fact that very few people take advantage of the tools that are already available that can produce...