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  1. Baby Girl Named Hashtag

    The whole thing could be a viral prank of course, made to highlight some brand or another, and we could be treated to an explanation soon. A baby girl has been born and given the name Hashtag (and no, that isn't her over there on the right).

  2. Great Ice Cream Sundae War Celebrated By Google Doodle

    Amazingly, this is not an April Fools' prank. Surprisingly, the ice cream sundae has a controversial past. It is said to have been invented accidentally. The urban tale goes that in more austere times the clergy deemed the popular dessert, ice...

  3. Think Microblogging is Hip? Try Nanoblogging!

    Twouble with Twitter" - No, This Isn't an April Fools' Day Prank With all the hype surrounding Twitter these days, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to outdo them and come out with an even faster and more efficient method of...

  4. SearchDay | The Search World's All A-Twitter

    Twouble with Twitter" - No, This Isn't an April Fools' Day Prank Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 1, 2009 I know it's April Fools' Day, but the video below actually was posted to Dailymotion a week ago. Today's Top Story:

  5. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 20, 2005: Google's Internet Access Plans, Yahoo Trust Questions, Google's Stealth Partner Event, "Miserable Failure" Result Just A "Prank," Getting Unbanned On Google & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Google growing its own broadband network and offering secure wireless connections, Google's philosophical truisms being in need of change, Yahoo having trust issue, the Google event that bloggers and journalists...