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  1. Google Adds City Pages & Descriptive Terms in Local

    Those phrases are then pulled directly into the search listing, right below the star rating. Since there's no real control over what words are displayed here, this means that PR management in the review sector has become even more important.

  2. How Social Media Affects Paid Search

    Ten percent of the visitors will interact with the content by writing comments or rating the content. Since the summer of last year, AdWords has automatically included a social feature called seller rating extensions on all eligible ads.

  3. Win the Best High Volume Links

    If the site doesn't specifically say they don't accept three-way link exchanges, then find a relevant page that has the same PR rating as the resource page you want your client's link on and add their link to it, as opposed to adding it to your...

  4. Link Building 101, Part 2

    Directory Critic is another great resource that focuses on providing comprehensive lists of directories both paid and free and includes a points rating. Try to find sites like PR Newswire that let you submit your article with links back to your site.

  5. SearchDay | Maintaining Your Image in the SERPs

    The one I had my heart set on ends up having a lot of bad recent feedback and a not so good better business bureau rating. Join the discussion sculpting" PR - good or bad idea? Maintaining Your Company's Image in the SERPs BIG BIZ Is your...

  6. The redundant trader

    Often, the media organisation generating the story will classify it, although the source of the news can also give some hints: if it is from PR Newswire, it is most likely a business story; if it's from Associated Press, it is probably a global...

  7. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 3

    John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed Jason Calacanis, the founder and CEO of, who gave a product demo of My Mahalo, which was unveiled at SES New York today. So, when you search for books, movies, music, places, and products, a box...

  8. Search Budgets to See Double-Digit Growth

    Public relations and direct mail followed, with 12 percent calling each of those tactics their strongest, 28 percent saying PR provided good ROI, and 27 percent saying DM did so. SEO was ranked as second-most effective, with 18 percent calling it...

  9. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Look Ma, I Got PR! Users Rating Adwords AdsWebmaster World".a little line of text below the url of the ad I clicked said 'Was this link useful? Links to the week's topics from search engine forums across the web.Google Maps + Reviews In Main Search...

  10. The Search Engine Update - Number 191 - February 11, 2005

    Rating Super Bowl Advertisers From A Search Marketing Perspective By Danny Sullivan, Feb. SEO PR has been out for even longer focusing on search as a public relations tool. SES NY Coming Up Fast! Top Stories + More From The Search Engine Watch...

  11. The Search Engine Update - Number 189 - January 18, 2005

    Part 2: Mentioning Google For Good PR By Gary Price, Jan. The Search Landscape session will involve rating services looking at who is tops generally and in vertical areas. In This Issue SES New York Agenda Posted + Search Engine Watch Articles...

  12. The Search Engine Update - Number 186 - December 1, 2004

    Mentioning Google For Good PR By Danny Sullivan, Nov. Rating Search Engine Disclosure Practices SearchDay, November 24, 2004 In This Issue Beta Test Search Topics Area! SES Chicago Happens This Month + Search Engine Watch Articles + More From The...

  13. Search Marketing Tools Articles

    Future PR Lookup Tool Search Engine Update mention, June 2004 I often wonder just how in depth the rating criteria really is, or do these editors just read the product description and assume it must be great.

  14. Google PageRank, Meet Yahoo Web Rank!

    The PageRank meter has caused a frenzy among site owners who confuse themselves thinking that if they could only get their PR rating higher, they'll rank better. PR Meter Madness You can imagine that Yahoo would love to see people as obsessed with...

  15. Ranking the Quality of Online News

    Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR and was a speaker in the Public Relations Via Search Engines session at the Search Engine Strategies 2004 Conference & Expo held earlier this month in New York.