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  1. 5 Steps to Quick Insights Using Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

    Are you looking to analyze site performance, mobile, engagement, PPC, SEO, social, or display campaigns? Campaign Are you looking to analyze marketing campaigns and their performance? Google released the Dashboard Analytics Solutions Gallery more...

  2. SEO & PPC Q1 2014 Trends: '(not provided)', Mobile & Bing Ads All Grow [Reports]

    Advertisers may also be drawn to Bing’s more flexible campaign management in the aftermath of Google’s crossover to enhanced campaigns. The gap between the two device classes has been a persistent one with this quarter’s results mirroring...

  3. 3 Ways Merging Google AdWords & Analytics Can Improve PPC Results

    Google Analytics will give credit to conversions and ecommerce transactions that occurred via last click or last campaign, search, or ad that referred the visitor when he or she converted. There are endless possibilities to use Google Analytics...

  4. 5 Critical Factors for Optimized Mobile PPC Targeting

    Capturing the most value out of mobile can be a challenge – but as a PPC campaign manager, you can't ignore this huge opportunity. Based on recent account audits, I think many campaign managers neglect the ability to choose "Mobile Preferred Ads.

  5. PPC Management Operations: The Ultimate Guide

    Campaign Performance Review Starting at the campaign level, and working down to the keyword level, isolate the "darlings" of the campaigns and optimize for best performance. View this at the campaign level down to the ad group and keyword level.

  6. Christening a New Marketing Holiday for B2B PPC: Golden Opportunity Month

    Seasonality can really make or break your campaign performance. The holiday shopping season is the event of the year and about the only thing PPC folks can talk about in Q4. Use your own historical data (look at all website traffic, not just PPC...